My name is John, I’m aged 42. Father of 2 and husband of 1. Don’t spend as much time reading as I would like and spend too much time listening to podcasts when I should be sleeping.

Passion for developing new business ideas and helping them take off. 18 years working in digital marketing and growing businesses.


Took a disused 17th century hall and renovated it into a stylish, modern bistro & hotel. Created a new vibrant kitchen, capable of handling 160 diners per day.

Wrote the business plan, secured funding, hired staff and developed the marketing strategy before opening.

Successfully grew the technology, software development & marketing company through expansions and business acquisitions, from a new start-up into a group of companies with a turnover of £1.8million.

Managed the marketing department that provided web, SEO, paid search and email marketing services.

The company won Small Business of the Year 2013 in the Teesside Business Awards and in 2015 won Business Enabler of Year at the Lloyds National Business Awards.

Scottish & Newcastle brewed brands such as Fosters, Kronenbourg and John Smiths as well as operating over 1,600 pubs, bars and nightclubs throughout the UK.

I worked in a team of 12 brand and marketing managers that worked across multiple pub brands. Developing digital marketing strategies for each brand and rolling them out UK wide.

I created and managed a new process for capturing Christmas point-of-sale design & pricing for circa 1,600 pubs. In previous years there were issues in capturing what design was required for menus etc as well as the price point. The database I created sped up the process, reducing errors and was less time intensive for all stake holders, including pub managers, area managers and the print company.



To try something totally new in an industry I had not worked in previously

Business Growth

From a new start up to a turnover of £1.8m

National Award

Winning Business Enabler of the Year at the Lloyds National Business Awards

Exceptional Customer Service

Achieved a customer rating of 9.2 on Booking.com, higher than all local competitors


I like to start at the end.

What’s your exit strategy? How are you going to leave the business? … Sell the business? … Pass it onto a family member? … Retirement?

From there, we need to work back together to create SMART objectives.
– Specific | What is to be done?
– Measurable | How will we know when it’s done?
– Achievable | Who is going to do it? And can they actually do it?
– Relevant | Should you do it?
– Time-Oriented | When will it be done?

These objectives will form the work that we need to do. I will be able to create and execute this plan along with the business owner.

Meeting business owners who are really passionate about their business!

Over the years I’ve worked with people that have passion for clothing, greenhouses, potatoes and socks and many more.

Working in an agency, I became frustrated about how limited scope we had with a customer. We would complete a project, creating a website for example, but then leave the customer to work out how they should be utilising it.

I knew I could help businesses more.

I may not have had the expertise to complete each task required but I would ensure that I use my network of contacts to make sure the customer always got the best advice and help needed.

Something I see in agencies a lot, is that the customer is sold a service. They sign-up because they speak to someone experienced and understands them and their business needs. Once signed up, the actual work is usually carried out by a more junior member of the team who doesn’t understand the business needs as well. The project does not go as planned and the customer is left unhappy.

With REVEAL, there is only me. John Borthwick. I will be meeting you in the first meeting. I will complete the tasks I say I will, in the time we agreed. You will have my phone number to ask me questions directly. NO-ONE in between.

Obviously, this means I have to limit the amount of work I take on, usually this is 1 new customer per month. If you think that should be you, then email me your details to john @ reveal.business


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”